Discover More on Rt 54

SEPTEMBER 3 & 4, 2021

100 Mile Yard Sale will be held September 3 & 4, 2021

Discover More on Route 54 is hosting the 6th annual 100-mile yard sale that will be coming up on Labor Day weekend. This will cover communities along U.S. Hwy 54 from Nevada to Camdenton. We need sellers & bargain hunters to make this event a success. The sellers will be responsible for their own yard sale signs to draw in motorists. With the increased holiday traffic it’s encouraged that other non-profits (fire departments, churches, etc.) hold rummage sales & fundraisers.

WHEN: September 3-4, 2021 ~ During daytime hours

The U.S. HWY 54 Communities of:

Camdenton; Macks Creek; Preston; Hermitage; Wheatland; Weaubleau; Collins; El Dorado Springs; and Nevada, Missouri

2020 Labor Day Weekend 100 Mile Sale Success!

Friday and Saturday, September 4 & 5 saw a ton of traffic in El Dorado Springs and many points along the Labor Day Weekend 100 Mile Sale route between Nevada and Linn Creek, Missouri. The annual event is a draw for thousands of visitors to come to the area. El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce CEO Jackson Tough said "we believe that tens of thousands of dollars are infused into our community, from the sales themselves to our restaurants, fuel stations, retail stores and others. As an example, one of our local restaurants said it is their single largest sales weekend of the year. That's saying something! I also know some of the food vendors ran out of many of their primary items much earlier than expected!"

Why Is the Labor Day Weekend 100 Mile Sale So Successful? In general, folks love to buy and sell, especially if it's a deal! However, the event is also a success in part, because of the promotion. Thanks to our local media partners, The Sun Newspaper, The Star Newspaper and KESM Radio. Social media also plays a major role. We start promoting the event more frequently and consistently the 30 days prior to the event weekend. Here are some statistics from the past month.

Labor Day Weekend 100 Mile Sale Facebook Page

Post Reach 41,900

Engagements 5,875

Page Views 2,367

Thank You Sellers!

Thanks to all the sellers that took the time to organize their merchandise, to put it in a vehicle or trailer, bring it to Highway 54 and set up each of the two days. Without sellers there are no buyers. We trust you had a lucrative weekend and appreciate the effort you put into the event!

Thank You Buyers!

Thanks to all those that came to look and buy. We had local inquiries of course. Plus many others from all over the state. We met many folks and had sellers tell us of people they met; from Springfield, Joplin, Columbia, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Hannibal, St. Louis, and others in-state. We also spoke to folks from out of the state including Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and even New York. We appreciate you traveling and hope you had a wonderful weekend full of treasure collecting!

A special thank you to all those who were respectful of social distances and to those who chose to wear a mask in the warm weather. We know it was appreciated.