Clean Up El Do

April 24, 2021

April , 2016 Over 100volunteers assembled at the El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce for the first "Clean Up El Do" Day. The "Spring City Clean Team" volunteers improved over 50 properties along with miles of streets, ditches and sidewalks throughout the community.

The brush and chainsaw crew and six trucks made over 40 trips to the City Transfer Station to dispose of limbs and brush. Since 2016, the brush crews have increased to meet the need of brush removal within the City limits.

Many businesses put together their own clean team and enjoyed the fresh air while contributing to the beautification of our town.

Many High School clubs and groups put together a team.

In 2015 a group of concerned citizens came together to discus bettering El Dorado Springs. Topics discussed were tourism and the arts, including events and attractions to stimulate the community's economy.

Why bring folks to our town until we have curb appeal? Don't we all clean our homes before inviting guests? From that, "Clean Up El Do" was born.

Each year a clean up day is scheduled for the area, usually on the Saturday in April, nearest Earth Day. In 2020, because of Covid-19 concerns, the day was announced and citizens were encouraged to clean up their properties and help their neighbors.